Admission Requirements


Candidates who wish to join the regular programme are required to pas the Ethiopian General Secondary EducationCertificate (EGSEC), attended the Two yearHigher Education Preparatory program, and score a Good grade on the Ethiopian Higher Education Entrance Qualification Certificate (EHEEQC) and are assigned to the college by MOE.

  • Candidates who wish to join the extension programme need to meet the
    admission criteria the college developed in line with policies of MOE. This will be
    communicated to the public prior to the date of application.
  • expatriates will also be given the opportunity to join the regular or continuing education
    programs should they meet the academic requirements of the college
  • The minimum requirement for the post graduate program is to have a first degree from
    accredited institution and to pass the entrance exam for the specific program.

      • Ethiopian Students are normally granted admission based on their performance in completing Ten + Two (10 + 2)  Preparatory Program.
      • Foreign students should produce a minimum GPA in other equivalent foreign examinations and also meet other special criteria that might be set for the purpose to get admission to the College.
      • The admission of regular (full-time) students is determined by the Higher Education Main Department of the Ministry of Education.  The entrants placed by this department join the College upon successful completion of Ten + Two (10+2) Preparatory Program and Ethiopian Higher Education Entrance Certificate Examination (EHEECE) results..  The duration for degree program in the regular program is three years.  All inquiries regarding admission to the regular program must be made to the Higher education Main department of the MOE,


The Regular Program is fully extended to the Continuing Education Division for duration of four years including kiremt classes.  The same or similar regulations as in the regular degree program are applied for admission to the continuing education Program.

Admission to the Continuing Education Program as an extension student is, however, determined by the Admission and Placement Committee of the college.  This committee uses the criteria set by the Academic Commission of Addis Ababa University College of Commerce (AAUCC).  The decision of the committee is final.  Every year the Academic Commission sets criteria consistent with the policy of the Higher Education Department of the MOE.

The college receives far more applications for its freshman evening classes than it can accommodate.  Admission standards are, therefore, selective.  The application deadline is announced before a new Academic Year.  Candidates must pay 20 birr to get the application form, which they complete and return along with other documents indicated in it.

The registrar Office of the AAUCC has the responsibility for notifying candidates selected for admission.  All inquires regarding extension program must be forwarded to the Continuing Education Coordinator or Office of  the Registrar.

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