International Student

"My name is Luciana Ismael Manjate.  I am from Mozambique. I have been in Ethiopia since 2002. I have been a student at the Addis Ababa University College of Commerce since 2006 in the Department of Finance and Development Economic.

My feelings about the college

I am happy and proud to make my study at this college because everything that is offered is in good conditions.  I am able to gain a great deal of knowledge and experience that will useful in my future career.

Starting from my classmates, they are so smart, friendly at all the time.  I have been well and in good relationship with all of them. The teaching methodology the instructors use is interesting.  I wish all the best to my college.  I wish to remind the college society to continue their commitment in the future.

Finally, I would like to congratulate the college for all efforts that it has been making to provide an excellent education regardless of all the constraints faced by developing countries.  Our African commitment today is to develop our countries, and education is one of the way of development.  This is what the Addis Ababa University College of Commerce in Ethiopia is doing at present--It is contributing to development!"



International Student

"When I came to the Commercial College based in Addis Ababa, I arrived with the impression that education will be no different from that of what is obtainable in any other country (most countries as a result of the brain drain, have relatively below standard institutions of higher learning).

But some years on, I am glad to say that my experience is so much the opposite.  In the field where I am currently studying I have been privileged to meet some outstanding instructors and given the study environment, there was and still is every reason to receive the maximum education at any level possible.

To say the least my experience has been rewarding and with a few adjustments here and there, the college can only get better."

Luciana Manjate

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