Computer Centers
Computer Class

There are 15 computer centers at the College each consisting of forty personal
micro computers.The labs.Provide students with the opportunity of acquiring
practicaltraining on application programmes.


Language Laboratory

The language laboratory of the college is equipped with up to date electronic
equipment which is instrumental in enabling students to be practically trained in
oral business communication skills that are of pivotal importance in their business
professional careers.

College Libraries

College LibraryThe library is one of the pivotally important facilities which is contributive
to the promotion of the quality of teaching andlearning at the college.
The main and Gottera campus libraries have a capacity of accommodating
about one thousand five hundred students at a time.
The library provides the college community with opportunities of getting
access to various recently published books,journals, one the onehand
and,internet services, on the other.

Note: If you want to know more about the library please click here.

Services Rendered to the Public

 The college provides various types of services:

  1. conducts short-term training programs in numerous business disciplines related to the areas of training.
  2. Administers job placement, selection and promotion examinations upon the request \business, government and non-  government organizations.
  3. Provide consultancy services in relation to the areas of education  and training offered at the college.

External Services : Consultancy Training Examination




















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